Saturday, 16 October 2010

Book review: Discipls of All Nations: Pillars of World Christianity, by Lamin Sanneh

What a find!  This book blows my mind.  Sanneh, an African immigrant to America who works out of Yale, is writing about the spread of Christianity--about Christian history--in all the regions of the world, not just the West.  The first chapter I read, about African Indigenous Christianity in the early 1900, has more never-heard-it-before, paradigm-shifting history than any of my reference books back in Uka.  His chapter on how Islam and Christianity interacted blows up a few historical genericisms repeated by history-teacher me. Too cool!  I swoon with the love of history written like this.  (Oxford UP, 2008)


  1. Want to read. Probably can find on line?

  2. Yeah, I got my copy from a friend but online is the best bet. It's too recent to get through Inter-library loan, probably. It's rather dense reading, written in an academic style, but lovely for all that. On the topic of the global church, I'm looking forward to hearing from the delegates returning from the Lausanne conference in South Africa.


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