Friday, 15 October 2010

A little bit dizzy from the events of today

I got a job unexpectedly today.  I also found out, after much to-ing and fro-ing that I can drop the class that I'd been told I couldn't drop, and I've added the two-week intensive class, Power Encounter instead.  I also backed the Redbird of Despair into Gene's gate: car, 1; gate, 0.  Well, the side mirror, which all by itself took out the gate, is bent and not functional though not broken.  Now it must be fixed.  Gah.  Now I also must petition to get another class filled in as the practicum prerequisite, then faithfully take that class even if it meets on Tuesday nights, and also petition the registrar to have mercy on me in the matter of getting a full refund of my class fees from the being-dropped class (since I'm ditching it in week 3 of 10, late enough to only get a 50% refund without the mercy of the registrar who wields ultimate power) and apply refunded tuition to pay for the new class--it's a gamble that it'll work, a gamble to the tune of 50% of $1400.  I'm also considering shaving my legs to fit in at my new job since all my clothes that are nice enough are knee-length skirts and I feel like I shouldn't wind up the Americans who are bound to object, however silently.  (My new job is as a waitress at a fancy-ish restaurant.)  All in all, a dizzying day.  I got a job!, did I mention?  I dropped the annoyingly un-challenging class!  I crashed the car, did I mention?  Olaman!

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