Thursday, 28 October 2010

Like, Dislike

Written on 22 October; posted today.

Things I don’t like (a.k.a. Things that fill me with desolation):
  • watching my bus pull away from the curb when I’m still ½ a block from the stop
  • realizing I’m making a mistake as I’m making it...then being corrected by my boss
  • when I’m so tired that I feel homeless, like there is no place on earth I can go to feel comforted

Things I like (a.k.a. Things that reinforce the hope in which we live):
  • chèvre and sourdough
  • bakeries and pastries, oh my!
  • a homeless man who gives me advice about rain patterns
  • crimson maple leaves that transform driveway overnight
  • expansive, generous hospitality
  • getting cooking advice from the chefs at the restaurant
  • vanilla pannacotta in a cranberry coulis with candied walnuts and candied basil
  • getting my side mirror fixed for free
  • getting a job when I didn’t expect it
  • friends to pray with
  • check me out:  I’m out of the house at NIGHT, on FOOT, by MYSELF, wearing PANTS!  Whee!  Join the conga line:  “fur-LO!  fur-LO!  fur-LO!...”
  • burning candles in my room, now that it looks like a room and not a storage shack
  • more to the point:  burning black candles in an iron candelabra in my dimly lit room when I’m tired to tears but listening to recently-acquired, soul-bulwarking music
  • a well-turned phrase in an essay I’m writing
  • learning new things
  • trying something scary and succeeding
  • realizing that I’ve made two new friends
  • …or maybe three!
  • friends from different Christian traditions who can testify about different kinds of prayer
  • Mauritanian mint tea, but mostly the serendipity that goes with it

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